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Let yourselves be taken by the hand

So you have a special project for your house or apartment ? Elodie will accompany you through the first sketch  to the choice of the bedside lights... should you desire.



The first appointment

That’s when the space gets revealed, when the needs, wants and desires are discovered.

Given that information, we will be able to prepare a detailed plan, schedule and contract proposal.


Following acceptance of the contract, the project comes to life, step by step.

  • Conception proposition : layouts, perspectives...
  • Decoration proposition based on Dashboard style
  • Definitive blueprint : electricity, custom made furniture
  • Planning defined for each subcontractor (painter, plumber, electrician….) and precise technical description.

Work follow-up

As a conductor, we coordinate all different aspects of the work to be done by each subcontractor with Tools to help advance the project.

  • The forecasted schedule is set up at the beginning of the project
  • Weekly meetings are established, or upon request.
  • Scheduled reports
  • Reception of work

Counsel with buying furniture and decoration

Because decoration is part of her expertise, Elodie Sagot will assist in selecting pieces of furniture, fabrics or lighting. This greatly assists clients in gaining valuable time.


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