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Classic, bohemian, shabby chic, each family feels at home in its own way. The mission of the interior designer is to integrate this philosophy and work around it by literally stepping « in your shoes ». She creates harmony between the client’s taste, needs and lifestyle to build a home where the customer is at home.



Convictions and experience in a tasteful and sophisticated way

From quality listening to sensible ideas

With a degree in psychology, Elodie Sagot is a listener and allows the Client to express themselves while putting herself « in their shoes ». For her, each project is an act of discovery to create a unique scene for a unique family.

A taste for elegance and common sense

You can instinctively like a space, at first sight. To make it yours and feel at home is another story. It has to do with layouts and space distribution, a mix of balance and proportions, with a twist.

Elodie shines here by combining esthetics and functionality to create a real harmony in the spaces she designs.

The art of anticipating and mobilizing the teams

Elodie has the expertise and meticulous organization to work with the different subcontractors to complete a project. This expertise she has honed after years in working in international business and is a great help  to the client in facing the stress of having work done at home.

After all, Rome was not built in one day !



A quite unusual history

Elodie Sagot has lived many different lives

  • As a child she would rearrange her bedroom every other week. Clearly it was a sign.
  • While being in charge of human resources in different worldwide luxury brands, she never lost touch with her  creative side and kept striving to design, furnish and push the envelope when designing her own home.
  • During a stay in the US, she reached a milestone : she began studies for interior design at the Boston Architectural College.
  • Back in France, she decided to become an interior designer, and began studying at Ecole Boulle, Strate College Designers and EFET.
  • She launched her own interior design agency. Well done !



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